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Final Major Project created in my honours year, this piece is an exploration into familiarity, unoriginality and repetition in popular music, focussing on 3 key areas: repetition in lyrical content, the most successful songwriter in pop today and plagiarism within pop music. Each focus area has it’s own dedicated album in 12 inch LP format, with all 3 albums: The Millennial Whoop, The Hit Machine and Plagiaristic Pop, becoming a set entitled The Familiar 3 LP Set.

Released by a fictional record company, Cmd+C Records, the name and logo itself is a hint at unoriginality. The set comes with pull out booklets, “inspirational” lyric posters and litigious lyric prints, all of which are intended to be a tad sarcastic. In a nod to modern day music, the LP’s also come with a special download code, allowing the albums to be launched via Spotify.The overall project attempts to answer the question with a definitive yes, you have heard this music before.