Computer Arts glitter foil cover at Celloglas

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015 in Illustration, Own Work Tags: ,

I finally got my filthy paws on a copy of The New Talent issue (#243) of Computer Arts featuring my design on the cover (read more about that here).

^That’s me using a copy to shield myself from a swarm of pigeons in Glasgow.

I feel very lucky indeed. In addition to the metallic foil I suggested for the name plate on my illustration, Computer Arts suggested a clear foil (with glitter!) to enhance the dome of the terarrium.

On top of winning, I was invited down to see the cover being finished at Celloglas and found it incredibly informative and exciting. It was kind of like being Charlie at the Chocolate Factory only with printers instead of sweets.

If you’re interested in seeing how the cover was finished, you can watch a great video on it here. You also get to see me snooping on the process and trying to speak clearly…

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