Visio – Luxury Lifestyle Brand

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A couple of weeks ago, designer Craig Black came into our class to launch a live brief. Not only is Craig an incredibly talented designer but he was also in his final year when I was in my first. I remember his degree work being really excellent at the end of year show and it’s really inspiring to see how well he’s done.

As well as being a good chance for us to work on a live brief with limited time, it was great to get chatting to someone who was in our position just a few years ago – he offered us loads of great advice and it was a relief to hear that he was just as nervous stepping out into the real world as I feel.

The brief was exciting to work on. ‘Visio’ is a luxury lifestyle brand which is stylish, elegant and aspirational. We were required to create branding for the company based on their core values – a company that merges love for design, culture, craftman ship, timeless beauty, simplicity and authenticity.

With this in mind, I got to work on various ideas but I kept coming back to the words stylish and timeless. I thought about how serifs are traditional and classic but can look exceptionally modern and timeless. One of my all-time favourite logos is Alan Fletcher’s V&A logo which was voted by readers as the number 2 logo in Creative Review’s greatest logos of all time . I love how the ampersand creates the bar for the A and although it was created almost 30 years ago, looks fresh and sophisticated.

You can see the finished design for Visio on my portfolio, but I decided to film a little clip of the journey I went on from initial sketch to finished piece on the computer:

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