Ampersands & Animals Work In Progress

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016 in Handlettering, Own Work, Typography

As my degree comes to it’s final conclusion (welp!), I’m suffering a bit with mild panic and stress…

As a self-confessed type geek, I’ve been really enjoying taking a break from course work and chilling out by practising my hand-lettering. Apart from anything else, you get to really understand how letters are formed when you sit and draw them out – it’s always good to step away from the computer and embrace traditional methods. You can’t beat a pencil and some paper!

I am pretty much obsessed with ampersands and animals so I decided to start working on a series that combines the two, it’s very early stages and something I am not putting pressure on – simply enjoying!

But here is a sneak peak of some sketches:


To keep up to date with my works in progress – you can follow me on instagram where I often upload bits and bobs.

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