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Title: Talent Terrarium / New Talent Cover Contest Winner
Magazine: Computer Arts

Computer Arts & D&AD New Blood teamed up to offer current students and recent graduates the chance to land a cover commission for their New Talent issue. In response to the brief, I came up with a ‘Talent Terrarium’ featuring a new designer on display, with his tools and bright ideas ready to go. I was lucky enough to be selected as the overall winner and my design graced the cover of issue #243.

In addition to the illustration for print, I animated the design for use on the digital iPad edition of the issue—the birth of his ideas represented by the glowing lightbulb popping up over his head as he looks out into the world. Computer Arts also teamed up with Celloglas to enhance the print edition with a satin foil and transparent glitter infused foil finish. You can watch a great video on this process here.