Facepaint – The Story Of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

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I’m a huge makeup fan. I can be found prowling round counters in the shops at weekends for hours and spending more money than I’d ever admit to on cosmetics – especially if the packaging is nice.

I like to watch tutorials in my spare time too and one of my ultimate favourite makeup artists is Lisa Eldridge. Watching her videos are a true education in both makeup application and current trends worldwide. I especially love her informative videos on the history of makeup. In fact, she did a great video not long ago about best and worst trends through the centuries which can be seen here.

I was really excited about her book, Facepaint – The Story of Makeup and knew I had to get myself a copy. For the makeup geek in me, it’s a wonderful, well researched and informative book and you can really feel that this is coming from someone who lives and breathes makeup with a passion. For the designer in me, it’s an insightful, interesting look at trends in advertisements and packaging over the years.

Featuring profiles on makeup icons like Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Grace Jones and even Elizabeth I, it’s an absolute must have for anyone with even a slight interest in cosmetics.


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