Don’t Get A Job… Make A Job by Gem Barton

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As soon as you start to near the end of your degree, you start to think about entering the real world. If I’m honest, I’ve been thinking about a job since before I started my first year, probably because I studied before and actively chose to do the course so I could learn more and gain employment.

You get comfortable in your uni/college and while I’ve been super lucky in that our course is a nurturing and industry focused environment, it doesn’t change the fact I get really nervous when I think about life after my degree. I think nerves are a good thing – it means you care about something and I am looking forward to the next stage.

With that in mind, I was recommended a really great book. Don’t Get A Job… Make A Job – How To Make It As A Creative Graduate is a great little piece of writing by Gem Barton. A must-have for soon-to-be graduates, it is full of inspirational stories of designers and how they made their way in the design world as well as advice and strategies for gaining or creating your own opportunities.

Getting a degree doesn’t guarantee work and the competition is tough, but this a great little book to have in your corner.


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