LongLunch presents Supermundane

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in Design, Illustration Tags: ,

A few weeks ago, I spotted that LongLunch were hosting a talk at Glasgow School of Art with none other than designer/illustrator extraordinaire, Supermundane.

Having been a fan of his work for the last few years, I was in no doubt – I had to grab myself a ticket. Inspirational, wacky and downright charming, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – this was more than a talk, it was a performance! Right down to the electronic ballad he performed at the end (seriously). A hilarious ode to the turmoil that comes when your phone battery is dying, it was definitely a highlight.

There’s not much I can say about Supermundane’s work other than I love it. It’s friendly, vibrant, intricate and clever and I was really glad I got my ticket when I did… it sold out soon after!

Upon entering the event, we were told about a raffle. I’m not a gambler but I had a spare pound and decided to go for it and do you know what? My one lucky ticket won me a wonderful print and sketchbook signed by the man himself. From now on, 177 is my lucky number!


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