London Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

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After the excitement of D&AD New Blood 2016, I decided to stay in London for a few more days and explore some of the museums the city has to offer. I am a massive history geek plus pretty passionate about design so I decided to visit the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising and spent the best part of a day eyeing up the huge collection of packaging the museum has. The combination of history geek and design geek meant that this was one of my best museum visits EVER. A range of decades are explored, right back to the victorian era but I have to say the 1990’s section provided me with a huge hit of nostalgia. One of the best things about the displays is some of the most iconic UK brands such as Fairy Liquid, Guinness and Horlicks have a full collection of packaging throughout the years. Great to see how packaging materials, typography and styles have evolved over the years. They even had a Cadbury’s Spira wrapper on display. Gone but not forgotten.

Here is a small selection of photos I snapped but to be honest, you really need to go for yourself to experience the entire collection. Unmissable!


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