Abstract – Netflix Series

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Design, Film Tags: ,

Netflix is nothing but an absolute distraction to me. I sit down to do work and suddenly I have re-watched an entire season of RuPaul’s Drag Race instead of knuckling down and getting work done.

Instead of using up time watching re-runs, I have found my new favourite series: Abstract: The Art of Design. This is an absolute must for anyone interested in design. Each episode introduces the work of a designer in their field: Bjarke Ingels (architect), Christoph Niemann (illustrator), Es Devlin (stage designer), Ilse Crawford (interior designer), Paula Scher (graphic designer), Platon (photographer), Ralph Gilles (automobile designer) and Tinker Hatfield (Nike shoe designer).

Obviously, Paula Scher’s episode was extra special to me. Not only is she an unbelievable designer but she is a woman too. There’s a disparity between the number of female designers in education and then the number in high positions within the field so she’s a hero of mine. I’ve still to complete the series but it’s a welcome distraction from work without being too far away from it altogether.

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