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It’s no secret to anyone that bothers to read the About Me section of my site that before Graphic Design, I used to study music and just because I no longer study it doesn’t mean I am no longer a ‘musician’. My poor neighbours can attest to that – I own a trumpet…

Anyway, something I really love is when bands and artists have an animated music video. There’s nothing more boring than just seeing the act stand with their instrument miming along to the track. I am always way more interested in the combination of visual art alongside the music.

A recent fave is the video for Blur’s ‘Ong Ong’:

I am a Blur fan and I do like the song but when I saw the video I loved it all immediately. I did a bit of research (hiya, google!) and found the production company behind it. Trunk do some brilliant work and I have spent most of today looking at their portfolio online. While I dabble in ‘animation’ (lol), it’s never going to be something I specialise in but it is something I have always been enthusiastic about and I have a massive appreciation for the work involved.

Fun Fact: Today I taught myself how to play/murder the song on ukulele.

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